Thanks for the ROM, I used to have an old 5500 zaurus and remember the Opie and QTopia days. Since that time I have tried Familiar +GPE on an HX4705 ... still wasn't that happy. Gave up on the mobile versions of linux at that point. Then I found an awesome deal on a Zaurus SL-C1000 (180 US). Then I started doing alot more research and found this site. Its been a real pleasure.

I have tested the three versions of Pdax roms, Oz, Cacko and the Qtopia. Settled on Pdaxii13, which seems the most stable and usable of the versions. I have a number of PDA's so I was not looking for pda functions, my SX66 does them well enough. The pdaxii13 gives me damn near a linux distro, SWEET job on that!

Flashed the Z with PdaXii13, then right after reboot I put the CF Wifi in and fired up the file. Note I changed the ipkg.conf so that the /mnt/card2 was the first entry to install too. Once it was done I tweaked a few things and spent some time with xev. Noticed that the Input Setup app in openbox does nothing for Xfce4. Used xkeymouse to get the silkscreen and special buttons to work. Made a custom xmms.xmodmap for the CE-RF2 controller.

Anyhows here's what I have thus far.