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Full Version: best video format for the zaurus
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i am looking for a type of video format that you could use so that is even smaller than mpeg-4 video. does anyone know such format? also, is there a media player for the sharp zaurus that supports windows media video (wmv), asf video formats, and possibly windows media audio (wma)?
This doesn't meet your requirement of being smaller then mpeg4, but I've had great success with DivX5/OGG 320x240 24fps. I use Kino2 (AKA mplayer) and I have successfully played AVI, WMV, and ASF files with it. I have run into a few ASF files that it couldn't play (must be a newer codec that is not included), but most everything is playable with Kino2 and at a decent frame rate. Hope this helps...
I have successfully played AVI, WMV, and ASF files

AVI is just a wrapper, not an encoding (or discreet format).
At least for cartoons you cannot beat Real Media. It encodes them cleanly to about 1-2mb per minute with acceptable quality.

Has anyone looked at porting the Helix RM codec to the Zaurus? Or does the mplayer one work already?

For films probably xvid is best, just turn the quality right down.
I've recently tried xvid+ogg created under Linux, but the annoying thing is that I can only jump forward in the file under Kino2 + updated mplayer 1.0.something, not back. Also, it seems that after playing for a while (more than 5 minutes) Kino2 sometimes locks up the Z so that it doesn't respond to anything, although this may have something to do with the clamshell sensor.

Quality sidetrack: I got great results with 300-500kps video and 64kbps audio (stereo). 512/64 seems to be the "sweet spot" for normal (in my case viewing-in-the-bus-with-earphones) video. Still some video artefacts but not noticable unless you look. Downside is ~180MB per 45 minutes (i.e. one episode of a US TV show), but I could step down to 300/48 for ca 100MB per episode.

Two questions:
* Is there a way to create .ogg files that can both fast-forward and rewind? Currently I use transcode (on my MythTV-produced MPEG2 files) and ogmmerge. Or can I mux .ogg audio and xvid video into an .avi file?
* How can I disable the clamshell sensor on the 860 running Cacko:s latest (i.e. not pdaxrom)? Currently it auto-suspends the Z when I close it, making it pretty useless as an mp3 player or "closed video player" (I used this when I had recorded some stand-up comedy).
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