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Full Version: GA Zaurus Users
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So, if we get enough of us signed up want to have a zaurus party sometime somewhere? heh.

I have been looking to get with a good linux group in atlanta, but they are all fairly far from me. I should go to a meeting somewhere sometime and see if they are any fun.

But yea a Zaurus party... we could... get on the internet wirelessly at a house and all IM each other over kinkatta! w00! heh... no it should probably be at a place. anyway.

anyone here ever been to a good group meeting for linux or something before?
I've yet to go to a Linux specific user group. I used to belong to a more general "alternative OS" user group in Warner Robins, GA. Some of the guys were in the Air Force and moved, so the group sort of deteriorated.

I know one other Zaurus user (5600) and she lives in Athens, I live in Macon. It would be cool to get a little get together planned and play around with the Zaurii.

I don't have a wireless card for mine, but I'd really like to see one in action. I'm still on dial up so it really hasn't been a pressing issue for me to go wireless with anything.

Do you use your Z for work? I don't, except for keeping Excel and Word docs for references. I'd really like to see what the Z can do in an enterprise environment, not just as a geek toy.
I am going to get a hard IR keyboard and use it for work soon. it will be great considering the size compared to a laptop. for functionality I currently use it as an address book and calendar/todo lists.

the wireless card is great on my network. I use it to VNC into my music computer and servers and download music and stuff while I am watching TV.
I go to ALE, (tho I won't anymore because im heading off to military school.) and sometimes to lug@GT.
I live in Roswell, Ga, I used to go to a user group like on ever third Thursday at Kennesaw State. Now looking for something closer. Anyone interested? Duluth and Marietta is not that far from me.
I live in Midtown Atlanta. I am also interested in finding other 5500 users. I have a wireless card and have written Java apps that are running on the 5500. I will be getting a 5600 shortly.

Is anyone having success with a hard keyboard on their Zaurus?
I stayed at a Courtyard Hotel last week in California that had free wi fi, it was great. It even connected from the parking lot. I'll do some research on Hotels in the Marietta area and see if any have wi fi available and maybe they will let us use the breakfast lobby, meeting room, or bar for a users group meeting. We really do need to get together. BTW? Doesn't Kennesaw State have wi fi on the campus? is it free?
I've just joined in and would love to host a get together within the next month or so at KSU in Kennesaw, GA. We have WiFi on campus and I can provide a nice room to meet in. Is there interest for this? I can tell it would be a drive for most of you to come. Maybe just a single meeting to compare physical devices and shake hands? TIA,
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