A quick preface- I'm only posting this here as well as in the Wanted/Trading forum to give the maximum amount of tosa users a heads up about these items (especially the expansion sled) and knowledge of their upcoming availability. To be frank the import of some of these items will be lost on 99% of the usual perusers of the For Sale/Wanted forum.

The following items will be being sold by me after the 1st of December, 2007:

TWO (2) Sharp SL-6000L's (Tosa)
I believe I have all original manuals, boxes, docking station, CD's, Adapters and cables etc. for one of them.
I was the original owner of this unit and it has been handled with the utmost care and had a screen protecter on it from day one.

For the second I have all the hardware, (such as cables, docking station etc.), that came with it originally as well as a slightly damaged box, but not the ALL the original packing materials,manuals, or original CD. (However I can provide a burned copy of the original "albeit completely useless" CD if needed.) I bought this unit used but in perfect condition and it has been practically unused since. (It also immediately recieved a screen protecter upon becoming my property.)

Both are in pristine condition with the exception of the "flip-up" clear plastic screen LIDS, (I am NOT talking about the screens themselves), that have some scratches, as Sharp intelligently constructed them of the worlds most-easily-scratchable material EVER. The LCD screens are perfect. Bodies are not scratched or even buffed anywhere on any painted surface or sides. The backs show some minor scuffing where they have contacted desktops etc. When the time comes I'll post gobs of pictures for all interested parties to peruse.

ONE (1) Sharp CE-JC2 (Yup the incredibly RARE Expansion Sled for the SL-6000 series.)
I have the original box and packaging material for it, as I've been it's original owner since Amazon.com traded it to me for my hard earned cash a few years back.
To clear any rumors of this device up- it comes with and adds one additional battery, (an identical one to the one in your SL-6000), it also has an additional CF-Slot, and extends your serial port from the bottom of your Z to a second port. So, YES it gives you a second CF slot like those lucky SL-C3x00 guys except both of yours are accessible, and YES it doubles your battery life, but no it DOESN'T give you a second serial port, it just extends your first one to another location. WHY? We've never figured that out.

ONE (1) Sharp CE-VR1 (This device is easily 100 times rarer than the above expansion sled.)
DEFINITION- This is an MPEG-4 recorder that takes RCA composite video, Right and Left Stereo inputs from ANYWHERE and records it in MPEG-4 directly to any flash memory device or CF Microdrive so long as you have an adapter. Using various adapters I've successfully recorded to CF Flash, MicroDrives, SD-Cards, PCMCIA FLASH DRIVES, MMC cards, and even Micro-SD cards. File size is only limited by the size of your flash media. I'm including a PCMCIA to CF adapter to get whoever buys it started. This device was only marketed originally in Japan and was made for us folks who were video encoding challenged. I have marked and translated the important buttons that are needed to know in order to operate the device. I don't know a huge amount about this device as I never played with it as much as it deserved.
I have the original box, cables, etc. I purchased it used and it is in good working order.

ONE or TWO spare batteries Sharp EA-BL09.
Brand new- Still in sealed packages in original boxes. Kept refrigerated since new.

ONE (1) Black Piel Frama Leather Custom Case.

THE REASON I'M SELLING these items is because I simply can no longer can afford the time/money/mental faculties required to keep up with the Zaurus/Linux lifestyle. My almost 10 year battle against lyme disease and neurological problems has diminished my physical and mental resources to the extent that I'll be doing well to hang on to to a single SL-C3100 that I have and use the most dummy proof ROM available (pdaxromii13 for right now). I can no longer avoid the need to switch over to a windows based UMPC device just for the simplicity and compatibility factors. Hopefully I can generate enough cash to buy the nicest Sony VAIO UX series possible or something better.

I'd VERY much rather see these rather rare items go to good homes where they will be USED instead of languishing away until they are totally obsolete only to become museum displays that catch dust. Together they made one of the best combinations and collections of SL-6000 era peraphanalia assembled. I need the money and hopefully someone will find need of some of these items and give them a good friend!

These won't be sold at a discount. I cannot afford to. I must get as much of my investment out of them as possible as I have no earned income and never will again. Please be aware that I'm not naive to the worth of the worth of these items. If I'm not comfortable that an offer is appropriate I'll simply wait and let a No Reserve posting on Ebay settle the question for sure rather than beat myself silly haggling offers back and forth. I'm posting here so that if someone actually sees and understands their worth they can make an offer before I begin ebay proceedings on the first of December. If there is not sufficient interest generated here I'll begin by listing the first SL-6000L on Ebay on the 1st of December. Once that auction ends I'll be listing the second SL-6000L and then the CE-JC2, and the CE-VR1 in succession. I haven't decided about whether I'll include the Piel Frama Case and Batteries in with the SL-6000's or if I'll sell them all seperately.

While this marks a closing door for me in my Zaurus journey and this platform, hopefully it will open the doors for several bright beginnings for others with their experience what will always be the best handheld I've ever owned, the SL-6000!

Wishing everyone the best and brightest!