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Full Version: Can't Install Cacko 1.23 On Sl-c3100
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I've backed up the current ROM using the D+M menu and confirmed that it can be restored.
I've copied initrd.bin, tools.tar and from the Cacko download (1.23 FULL) onto a 256Mb CF and started the update from option 4 of the Japanese service menu.
All I get is a screen saying
Zaurus CF updater
Error opening terminal linux

On booting into the D+B menu and entering the following command with the CF card installed.

# fdisk -l /dev/hda

I get the following result

Disk /dev/hda: 256Mb 256376832 bytes
16 Heads,32 sectors/track, 978 cylinders
units = cylinders of 512 x 512 = 2562144 bytes
Device boot start end blocks id system
/dev/hda1 1 977 250096 6 FAT16

On removing the CF card and issuing the same command I get

modprobe: modprobe: cant locate module block-major-3

The standard default Japanese Sharp ROM is installed at the moment and as I can't read Japanese it is unusable at the moment.

Can someone help me to install Cacko?

I think ctrl c will get you past that (or a different key combo?) but the error sounds like you didn't restore your hard disk. If you want to restore the drive, the stuff needed is at If you don't, then format it as you like and (hopefully) just jump on by the error
did you repartition the flash as per the instructions
cool.gif If I read your post correctly, what you are saying is that the 'flashing' process didn't actually get past the first stage? I'm afraid the only suggestion I can make there is to try again with a freshly formatted CF card and freshly downloaded files. There is a step by step guide, in the pinned thread about cacko, on the Sharp rom forum. You might also find some useful help on the Tyrannozaurus site.

As regards the unusable Japanese rom: I presume your 3100 is working, but only in Japanese? If you go to, as suggested in another post you will find a backup of their 'englished' rom. You can follow their instructions from their site, in the pdf of their manual, and get back to a working english rom.

You'll then be in a position to try again. Good luck. biggrin.gif
Thanks for reading my post and all the replies.
I have managed to install Cacko now.
First of all I repartitioned the disk as detailed in the Trisoft quick start guide.
I then installed the Trisoft ROM as a test. It installed OK.
Finally I tried the Cacko ROM and I now have a usable PDA.
Is there a way to save the boot up messages to a text file for later reading as I saw quite a few error messages.
I'm just curious though, the system boots OK.
djsb biggrin.gif
I think the output of dmesg is saved to a file in /var/log when machine has finished booting. Need to be root probably to read them.
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