I did a search for xrdp on oesf but found nothing and so I am very surprised that my last posting on getting this app working properly didn't cause at least significant interest if not a riot of excitement - are these boards dead now? Does nobody click 'View New Posts' on oesf anymore? Nobody interested in Linux anymore? wink.gif

Using WinXP as a host I have qtrdesktop working perfectly under Cacko on my C3000- I can run XP on my Z as if it was running on my Athlon box complete with sound, video, internet, flash in Firefox, printing etc. However, I really want to run xrdp under ubuntu so that I can run GNOME with a full-speed, fully-featured Firefox on my Zaurus but the keymapping is broke. Seeing as the keys work fine with WinXP as host I can confidently say this problem lies in xrdp and not qtrdesktop.


I compiled and installed xrdp 0.4, the latest release, on ubuntu but the keymapping was all wrong. However, the xrdp docs say I can load custom keymaps into xrdp 0.5 (cvs version). I've downloaded and compiled 0.5 but I still have the same problem and I don't know how to create or load custom keymaps into xrdp. I wrote to its lead dev a few days ago but I've had no response.

Please help me (and anyone else with a Z, a Linux PC and wireless router) get Linux running dream-style on my Z!