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Full Version: Video Encoding With Subtitles?
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I want to watch my animes on the zaurus, so I tried different things:
windows media encoder (yes, I'm using Windows):
- sucks, takes me an hour to get to the menu
- about 5 mins into encoding it crashes

vlc (streaming assistant):
encodes fast, the video plays with kino2, but stops after a few seconds, also no subtitles

I don't think that I'm the only one who wants to watch animes in japanese with Subtitles,
so i hope there's anyone who can help me.

does there exist any simple solution? I don't mind if I must set all the parameters over and over again
I just want to watch.
I know it works best with 320x240, mpeg4v1 video, mp3 ~64kbit audio
so how do i get the subtitles running?
most of the videos are .avi

and yes, I used the search function, but I didn't get something in that direction.


Greetings from Austria, Dargor

P.S.: please excuse my not very perfect english, I should get some sleep...
How about PocketDivXEncoder?

It just runs (no need to install), so trying it should be painless.
QUOTE(Capn_Fish @ Nov 28 2007, 03:24 AM) *
How about PocketDivXEncoder?

It just runs (no need to install), so trying it should be painless.

i works just fine, thanks for that

but another issue occured:
"video player" won't play it at all, but thats not too bad, since kino2 is willing to
within kino2, normal playback (320x240) works fine
but in fullscreen mode the screen just stops after ~1/2 sec, sound is continuing

do i need additional packages for that? since i haven't got my wlan card yet, i can't update anything
(maybe by myself over the cacko feed, but that's an other issue)
maybe i try a bit overclocking, but imho that should not be the way to go

Thanks so far

br, Dargor
okay, the last issue was my fault
why the hell I didn't think earlier about transcoding it directly to 640x480/(something that comes near)

Thank you very much anyway, now I'm able to watch my videos on train/bus/whatev (what else should i do /w/o Internet? biggrin.gif)

thanks again

br, Dargor
No problem, glad I could help.
this post prompted me to try pocketDivxEncoder and I was quite impressed. however, it didn't have sufficient presets for what I wanted to do. however, it did partly solve a different encoding problem I've had...

both my wife and I have Canon IXUS cameras which record VGA video of quite high quality - 640x480 @30 fps (sound is only 8bit mono @11kHz). it uses a crude motion jpeg encoding and eats 1.9MB/s, and thus we'd have to fit 4GB sd cards in order to store a useful amount of video, and our file server is getting full of enormous files! I've tried other windows encoders but they didn't really like the canon's files - they would corrupt or lose sound - but pocketdivxencoder did work.

playing with pocketdivxencoder showed me how to tweak the parameters to mencoder to get nearly what I wnated, so I created a script I use on our file server, you can specify the target machine thus zaurus file1.avi file2.avi

the script allows various presets, I'd be keen for people to come up with additions to the script to make it work even better!
oh yes, and my point is that the script, in theory, tells mencoder how to add subtitles to the video stream.

hope this is interesting and maybe helpful
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