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Full Version: C1000 As A Ir Remote
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Is this Possible???
If I understand the situation correctly, no it's not possible. On the SL-5500 you could actually get access to the IR transmitter in a sort of "raw" mode, allowing you to actually turn it on and off manually in a way that made it behave like a TV remote. On the SL-Cxx00 hardware, even the kernel can only address it as a serial port. If I'm wrong or if the situation has changed (since 2005 or so, when I last looked at this), I would love to hear about it. wink.gif

My guess is that the IR pin on the C1000/3x00 is connected to a UART pin, which means it would normally be forced to play a serial function. However, the PXA processors are very configurable, so it might be possible to change the function to a general purpose input/output pin - and as a GPIO you could bit-bash an infrared controller.

My guess is that a bit more googling with some of the terms above might yield results!

I've asked on the Angstrom list as there are kernel hackers there who'd know.
I just found this page. Scroll down to point #9
links are included on that page for "remote extender" and "opie-remote".
EDIT: opps, the remote extender has been discontinued, but opie-remote should work if you are close to your TV set or IR receiving device.
9. Altho the Zaurus has an IR port it is too weak for remote control. No problem! I bought the Remote Extender from With it, I can use my Zaurus as a universal remote control from anywhere in my house. I used Thomas Steven's opie-remote software and configured support for my reciever, tv, vcr, tivo, and the hdtv, dvd, winamp, realone, media player, and browser on my HTPC

I have a Palm Zire 72, which works very well with an aftermarket remote control software, so I haven't tried opie-remote on my Zaurii.
Stanislav Brabec answered my query on the angstrom list...
> does anyone know how the IR port on the '000 series is connected - I
> presume it's a pin on the CPU, but can it be redefined as a GPIO pin
> and thus could this Zaurus be used as an IR remote control?

I guess you will get into problems at least with transmission distance
and very probably with modulation frequency.

IrDA module is probably something like Sharp GP2W0150YP0F: SIR LP
115.2 kb/s, transmission distance 20cm.

Any special function GPIO pins of PXA270 can be repurposed as an
ordinary GPIO.

For more see Intel® PXA27x Processor Family Developer’s Manual, section
General-Purpose I/O Controller



IR switch:
machine_is_borzoi() || machine_is_spitz():

in short, yes!

I stand corrected! happy.gif
QUOTE(JohnX @ Dec 6 2007, 09:33 PM) *
I stand corrected! happy.gif

You may stand corrected, but if the 20cm estimate is accurate, you might as well just hit the buttons on the receiving device with your finger. 20cm = 0.2m = 7.9 in. Kind of a shame, really. I think the Z could support a pretty cool universal remote control app.

It's a shame that this item clearly indicates that it's a proprietary card.

EDIT: Found this one, which appears to still be in production. I wonder if the company (which seems to be having the device manufactured) would be willing to cough up with specs?
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