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Full Version: 3200 Cf Slot Failure
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My 3200 has developed a fault and will not read anything inserted into CF slot, either storage or network cards. The fault I get is 'Anonymous Memory'.

I really cant use it without this slot (unless I work out USB, and I use a Mac which does not support it?).

Any ideas where I can get it fixed - I am based in UK, but it was bought from Conics, Japan. I dont really want to send it back to Japan, any ideas if there is somewhere in Europe?

Thanks for any advice.

sorry to hear of your problem. if it's definitely not a software problem (do a NAND backup, flash to original, test)....

have you checked that you didn't bend a pin inside the slot, or even got a whisker of wire in there?

otherwise figlabs in UK, or Trisoft in Germany might be able to help. sorry to hear of your problem, hope you get it fixed.
I cant backup because the CF is not recognised (I tried to flash restore). YOu are probably right, it might be a bent pin or something but I dont know how to open it. I guess it comes from frequently changing cards for network or storage. I'll definitely not change cards so frequently in future.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try figlabs or trisoft depending on price.

QUOTE(markbedish @ Dec 3 2007, 09:45 PM) *
I cant backup because the CF is not recognised

you can backup to an SD card, so long as it's fat16 and less than 2GB - a freshly formatted one is best.

It is back at last after 7 weeks! I sent it to conics but the problem was a bent pin which was not covered under warranty so I had to pay, but all ok now, and I got a new battery too, very reasonable price.

Brett Bennett is the guy at conics, has always been helpful.

Now what rom shall I load, as it is all in japanese!


good news, welcome back.

well, since you're starting from scratch, take a backup of the ROM image before reflashing since it could be very useful.

meanwhile, don't reflash, this is a chance to learn Japanese!

why not try Android, it's not like you're losing anything, then debian or angstrom, then pdaXrom and finally if you're bored and want something that "just works", Cacko!
I had a similar problem few months ago. It was when using a cf GPS card. A ping was pulled away a little when extracting the card. I just pushed it in place by pressing the pin carefully and finally everithing worked again, the card was fully recognized.

Just my case.

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