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Full Version: Midori Browser
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I noticed the uploading of the midori browser, and tried it out.

Both this and epiphany-webkit have some significant bugs, but they are also quite fast and can handle my bank's evil website.

Midori is actually better with the bank; it's quite usable.

It does lack a few things, like you can't load a webpage into a running version of it, you can only run it as "midori" or whatever. But it does navigate pretty well. Neither of these saves the cookie it needs to in order to remember who I am from login to login.

epiphany-webkit ignores commands (either button-presses or menu selections) for back/forward, or quit, things like that, nor will it navigate with the arrow keys; you have to use the scrollbars. These are known problems with webkit, apparently, according to what I read. Midori does respond to the back and quit buttons, but can't be convinced to use the arrow keys except to scroll among its buttons.

Epiphany-webkit seems to have imported bookmarks from either epiphany-gecko or possibly from firefox (leftover from when I had titchy on the machine; re-loading my home directory put the config files back).
has midori improved much since you last looked at it?
I wanted to make some comments and ask some questions about midori browser,
and I didn't want to open a new thread, so I'm posting here.
I've been playing with midori ver 0.0.15 which is in the angstrom feed for 2.6.24 kernel GPE
I'm using Angstrom-x11-image-glibc-ipk-2007.12-r13-spitz
I finally figured out how to get the address and search boxes to "reveal" themselves! smile.gif
Just select edit -> preferences -> interface.
Use the dropdown that shows "Default" and change it to "Icons"
And also: Show small icons [x]
Now you can type in an URL or search.

I have some questions. I went to this site, which has a midori FAQ and tried some of the work arounds there,
but I couldn't get the ones I tried to work. (I'm not asking about this here though).

What I need to know, is how to get bookmarks working. Bookmarks items are grayed out, and ctrl+d doesn't work
Many, many items in the preferences dialog are also grayed. How does one fix these?
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