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Full Version: On Which Zaurus Model Does Your Debian Run ?
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just a little poll to see under which model of zaurus your debian run.

EDITED: Poll results, up to zogs :
oups i think i missed the poll smile.gif
anyway :

C3000 - Debian Sid OK - Kernel 2.6.23 of Angstrom
C1000 - Debian Sid OK - Kernel 2.6.22 Y

C3100 - Debian Sid OK - Kernel Y
C3100 - Debian EABI Yonggun
C1000, Debian EABI, Kernel 2.6.22 Y
3100, debian sid eabi, cortez' kernel (opened hand), v 2.6.23
C 1000, Debian EABI, Kernel 2.6.22 Y
C3200, Debian eabi, kernel Y
As in my sig: 3200, cortez-debian, 2.6.23, lenny/sid.


P.S. Thinking seriously about going back to Titchy/OABI and trying to make it work with the OABI kernel and modules that cortez produced, Hoping for EABI to be installable as easily as Titchy and without u-boot. sad.gif
so far, please look in the first post for poll results smile.gif
C3100 : Debian EABI (Sid)
C3200, Debian eabi, kernel
first post updated.
that's terrible how many (working!) combination there are out there smile.gif
C 1000, Debian EABI, Kernel Y rolleyes.gif
c3100 2.6.23 eabi
C3200, EABI

C860 2.6.21 (angstrom), EABI
C860 2.6.21 (angstrom), EABI
Thanks to zdevil, jpmatrix's post(s) and this forum...

C3000 - Debian Sid OK - Kernel 2.6.23 of Angstrom

thx, been a long time since I had this much fun with my Z :-)
C1000, Debian EABI, Kernel 2.6.24-yonggun (finally , yonggun kernel without needing u-boot)
Sorry for the maybe stupid question,

but how do i boot yongun kernel without uboot? Is there a chance for pdaxrom and Debian?
QUOTE(deniscallies @ Feb 7 2008, 02:35 PM) *
but how do i boot yongun kernel without uboot? Is there a chance for pdaxrom and Debian?

20r0 compiled kernel 2.6.24 for both UBOOT and Sharp Bootloader

The files can be downloaded at

I can see from your previous posts that you have a C1000.

Assuming you want to install debian on the first partition of your sd card, you should download zImage.bin.mmcblk0p1 and flash the kernel (reboot while holding <ok>, ...)
Don't forget to get the modules-2.6.24-yonggun.tar.gz from the same site and extract it in your root folder after flashing.

Then on first boot afte flashing :

#depmod -a

then reboot.

Confirmed works on C1000 (havent tested sound yet).

After installation, Zaurus boots into sd first partition (assuming you download zImage.bin.mmcblk0p1)

This worked for me but YMMV.
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