I started getting I/O errors on /hdd3 files. I followed the instructions I found to run fsck through the maintenance menu (by rebooting with OK+ON). Fsck found errors on /hdd2 but not on /hdd3. It could not fix the /hdd2 errors automatically and said fsck had to be run "manually," but how do I do that?

In spite of the apparent errors in /hdd2, all the programs running on it are still working.

I managed to fix the I/O errors on /hdd3 by running chkdsk (!?!) from Windows XP, with /hdd3 attached as a USB drive to my PC. I'm not sure this was a good thing to do, but it worked, at least temporarily. But problems keep cropping up in different directories. (Occasionally the system marks /hdd3 as read-only - then I really know there's a problem.) There must be a better way to fix this.

Or can I / should I send it back to the manufacturer to replace and reformat the drive?

Thank you for any advice....
George Coleman