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Full Version: I Need Some Help
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Alright, well I got my Zaurus SL-1000. I bought a wireles card for it, and I bought a 4gig SDHC card for it..

Well, of course .. the Zaurus doesn't recognize my 4gig SDHC.

SO after scrounging around I found a 64mb Compact Flash .. well of course I have no way of getting my files onto that Compact Flash.

Is there anyway when I hook up my Zaurus to the computer I can transfter files over the the Compact Flash that is hooked up into my Zaurus?

If not, how do I upgrade my rom to something else with no wya of getting the files on it ;\
1) Plug the CF card into the zaurus
2) Make sure the usb cable is NOT connected to zaurus
3) Go to the Settings tab and click on the PC Link icon
4) Under "Mode Settings" select "Storage" and change the pull down box to "CF Memory Card"
5) Click "Okay" button to close app
6) Suspend the Z and plug the usb cable into the Z and the PC
7) Wake the Z up, and you should find that the PC now has an external drive - the Z's CF card.

Depending on which version of Windows you are running you may need to install some drivers, but XP and up should already have them installed. If you are running Linux, you can mount the CF card as you would any other usb storage device.

Hope that helps


Thanks for this, about to go try it..I even went to go buy a 2gig SD card from radioshack and it doesn't even recognize this one either..

what sd cards DOES the zaurus find..holy crap
Well I am stuck again, sorry that there is like 5 new threads by me, but there are all different problems. I guess I need to try another distro because I am stuck a terminal screen in Angstrom and don't know how to actually boot the rom.

I even went out to buy a 2gig SD card so I made sure that I was able to use that to install my roms and it doesn't even recognize it? WHAT SD CARD CAN I USE?!?!?

I have no CF Reader but I do have a 65mb CF Card. I used your method of putting the Angstrom install files on the CF Card but now that the original rom is gone, how do I go about putting more files on the CF Card? Am I scrued?

I just want to get a stable rom on here so I can start playin with my Zaurus.

What do I need to go buy (sd card wise) to make it actually read it. It is driving me crazy. I have to go return my 4gig SDHC card and my 2gig regular SD Card now since none of them are being read.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
You can only use SD cards < 1 GB to flash a ROM.

If you just want a stable ROM, I would suggest staying away from Angstrom.

No need to return at least one of the cards. I know SDHC works under Debian and Angstrom and I think it does under pdaXrom. You do need a <= 1 GB card to flash with, though.

Hope this helps.
Well I have this CF Flash card that is 64MB but now since I accidently installed the console version of Angstrom on there, I don't know how to get files on my CF flash card through my Zaurus.

Do you know how or do I have to find an alternate way of doing it.
QUOTE(fix3r @ Dec 20 2007, 09:16 PM) *
I even went out to buy a 2gig SD card so I made sure that I was able to use that to install my roms and it doesn't even recognize it? WHAT SD CARD CAN I USE?!?!?

If you're running a stock Sharp ROM, you can't use an SD card larger than 1GB. I'm pretty sure that the SD driver for the Sharp ROM can be upgraded to support larger cards.

I don't believe I've had any problems with the different SD cards I've tried in the Z, but I understand that there are some cards that it doesn't like. I've used Patriot, Transcend, and probably another brand or two of SD card that my wife is now in possession of. This page has some info on compatibility.

Personally, I have always used CF for flashing or for making a NAND backup, so I have little experience with using SD for that. However, I'm doubtful that you'd be able to use a 2GB SD card for flashing because of the size. When I got my Z I found a couple of cheap 512MB CF cards and a multi-format card reader, which was really helpful. For one thing, the card reader supports a higher transfer rate than the Z's USB port. If you shop around, I'm sure you could find a deal. The smaller capacity cards don't have much demand since the larger cards have come down in price.
I don't have time to find a card reader. It's either I find out how to read the CF Card form my console version of Angstrom or I am going out tomorrow to get a 1gig sd card

any help is appreciated thanks
Does anyone know whenever I put in my Ambicom CF Card, I keep getting a white screen glitch and I have to take my wireless card out to make it go away. Then I have to restart my Zaurus in order for it to enable my card again..

It's really getting on my nerve, because I am kind of screwed here because I have no use for this thing if I can't get internet..
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