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Full Version: Too Much Flashing?
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I have flashed my Zaurus about 4 times now trying to figure out how to get my 4gig SDHC card accessable.

The only one I found so far was angstrom which came with no apps and my Ambicom WL1100C was not even found so I had no way of downloading any packages.

So, how many times do you think I should be flashing my Zaurus. Is it bad for it? Should I stop now?
When your friends don't call anymore, you haven't shaved for a month and there isn't even enough food in the house to make salad cream and cornflake sandwiches; yes, then that is the time to stop.

As for Flash memory, isn't the specification like 100,000 writes before it starts to go bad? If you flash once every 5 minutes it would take you... a very long time before your Zaurus memory failed. Even then the memory controller might detect the bad area and stop using it, allowing you to continue.

since i bought it, i flashed my C3000 more than 100 times i think biggrin.gif trying quite every zaurus distros out there wink.gif
reflashing the "rom" (kernel and read-only) areas of the flash memory is going to wear out your on-board memory much more slowly than any of the files in the writable space (/home etc), so I agree with previous posters, you could reflash 100's if not 1000's of times without worry.

@koan - sounds like you have "The Batchelor's Cookbook":

p.s. I've probably flashed about 20 times, cacko thrice and angstrom the rest (each time a new kernel variant comes out you do a half install, just the kernel into flash partition)
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