I'm running pdaXii13 5.4.9 on my c3000 and everything is working great except wifi and mounting the internal vfat partition as a USB drive. The wifi problem I've been unable to solve but I've heard good things about wifi under Titchy so thats tempting me to it. I think the usb storage problem won't be too hard to fix but I've not tried as it would be made redundant when I get wifi working which is a pretty important Z feature for me.

The only thing cacko has over pdaXii13 when you get it all working (which I've done with earlier releases, when the keyboard freeze bug was around wink.gif is that it resumes instantly instead of 5-10s like pdaX. What are suspend and resume times like in Titchy?

My other concern is video playback. I really value being able to play back 320x240 vids and play gngeo etc thanks to bvdd under pdaXii13 but last I heard 2.6 video playback was still lacking on the Z. Have things improved?

Is Titchy faster overall? How about stability and power usage vs running pdaX??

Happy New Year OESF!