I'm missing a good .mplayer/configuration to view not special encoded avis, with PXA option I see the screen like if there was a -vf crop:320:240 or something like that, also half of the movies plays in a slow motion like, while audio gets out of sync
in pdaxrom 5.4.9 I used the following config which allowed me to watch not special encoded vids in full screen and without being cropped:

framedrop = yes
cache = 1024
dr = yes
vo = bvdd
really-quiet = yes
quiet = yes
font = /usr/share/mplayer/arial-36/font.desc
vm = yes
nortc = yes
noaspect = yes
double = yes
dr = yes
afm= libmad

but I couldn't find a good config for using with mplayer eabi PXA
I always end up with a zoomed video with slow motion feeling and audio desynched sad.gif

tx in advance