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Full Version: Angstrom 2007.12 For T-sinus
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I'd like to use my T-Sinus Pad together with a Orinoco Silver WLAN-Card as web pad.
Would this be possible? Is there enough memory for all the necessary code (driver, browser, pdf-reader).

As alternative I have a Intel 2011B WLAN-card which has drivers for Linux.

I tried to flash Angstrom-console-image-glibc-ipk-2007.12-simpad.rootfs.jffs2 and
Angstrom-minimalist-gpe-image-glibc-ipk-2007.12-simpad.rootfs.jffs2 but I didn't suceed (see report in
There is not enough free flash space available for using the sinus pad with gpe as a webpad (with a recent browser) without mounting something to enlarge it.
There are some attempts to get Opie into official Angstrom release.
With opie it may be possible to use it as webpad without mounting something.

Meanwhile you can try to mount a nfs share (as soon as wlan is fixed for simpad).

Some people have modified their simpads to have a mmc/sd slot [1] for more space while still have the pcmcia slot free for wlan. the driver for this mod is included into the simpad kernel and should work out of the box.
Some of us even thought about creating a module for the mmc/sd /bluetooth mod which could be replace the DECT module.

Second question see bugracker [2] for the answer.

best regards
mr nice

OK. sounds good. I'll do the MMC/SD mod and then I can go on.

best regards

(the next 2 weeks I am away, therefore there will be no resonse until February)
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