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this is a CD that recover automatically your lost Grub MBR, for example in those cases when we can't boot our linux Distro after re-installing windows in the same PC.

I have to live a little with windows because of one application that I need. Recently I had to re-install the windows system, and after that I felt very bad being unable to boot my Debian.

There are some method in order to restore the Linux Boot. The Pro one, as google says, is done by mounting chrooted our partitions and reinstalling Grub, by using a live CD or a Rescue CD.

I first proved that way, but for any reason it didn't recognize my Laptop Hardware.

Finally I' ve found the amazing SuperGRUB CD at:

...with foreign languages support. :-)

It works like a charm. In only 3 minutes, my Debian system was running again.

Don't miss this amazing tool.

Good find! I got a copy just for peace of mind with my inscrutable vista bootloader on my laptop (still having trouble with the atheros 507eg in 64bit kubuntu- and having to dual boot). Thoughtful of you post this.
another life saver is
it's very cool as it has tools for making boot floppies, boot flash drives etc.
I don't use it very often but when you need it, you need it BAD!

the opensuse install CD is very good too, the rescue mode is a very rich environment and has all the tools needed to fix and mount practically any file system and edit stuff, I use that a lot (even my colleague who's an ubuntu fanboy thinks it's good).
Thanks, That's a very useful tool. We are going to be well armed. cool.gif

I used to have lot of problems recovering partitions and MBRs. Especially when windows was involved.

The NTFS filesystem is very delicated and can put you easily in a reboot loop.

Also, Windows destroys any bootloader you got in the machine.

The point about SuperGrub is that is just for recovering MBR or installing a new GRUB, and is aimed to people like me (without too many skills) and does all the MBR recovery process automatically. You don't have to do anything, just inset the CD and and give two or three answers (Yes, I want,... Yes, I want...).

It's like getting married (in the good sense, of course). :- )

The ultimateBootCD is something more, like a swiss-knife.

when I used to triple boot between Win98, Win2k and linux (because the video capture device I had only worked in w98), I used XOSL which is an excellent tool - it remembers the boot sectors so as you install each OS you just boot the XOSL disk and tell it to recover, so it's a doddle to have many OSs which can have incompatible boot sequences!
Thanks a lot. That's a good solution too.

I'm really trying to have just Debian and OBSD in my computers, but unfourtunatelly there's always a little problem.
In my case the whole issue comes from an account application that doesn't work with anything, even with wine, it starts but finally crashes .
I'm searching for a complete replacement solution of any kind. I guess that finally I'll find it.

It takes a little work for me but I'm complete decided to only deal with Unix/Linux.

In the meantime XOSL, UbootCD and SuperGrub will help.

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