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Full Version: How To Translate Cacko / Shapr Rom Applications ?
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I would like to translate some of the Cacko / Sharp ROM applications in French (the ones I use the most, like PIM apps). Of course I don't expect an automatic translation; but I'm ready to translate them by hand. I've already manage to change the locale on the Zaurus, and to translate desktop icons, but not the application yet.

Does someone know how the original Japanese -> English translation was performed ? blink.gif

I'm interested by any information on that subject. Thank you !
The apps are actually all originally in english (to an extent...) but translated with .qm files to japanese. The english conversion basically just meant deleting those .qm files. Nice for the english speakers, not so good if you wanted it in something else.

The QT translation tools don't support reading in .qm files, only creating them. I've spotted some tools which could be pressed into converting them into something usable, which I will look at later because it's after 2am and I should sleep. biggrin.gif

Unfortunately you would probably have to translate from the japanese - no english qm's to work from :S Depends on what the qm's really contain, I guess.
Oh, I see !

As I was not finding translation file, I was thinking the translation was hardcoded in the binary files.

Using .qm files, I've already successfully translated the system time dialog box.

The translation keys are actually the English translation. For finding them, I looked at the binary executable file (with khexedit) and at Qtopia 1.6 free sources (not the same version than the zaurus, but it has probably not changed a lot). I take the .ts file from Qtopia 1.6 and translate it, and then generate a .qm file with "lrelease" and put it into /opt/Qtopia/i18n/fr/systemtime.qm . And it works !

Thank you !
That's great!

One thing you can try is to convert the japanese qm files back to ts files; it looks like the Translate Toolkit at can both write ts files and read qm files, so it might not be difficult to use it to create a tool to do what you need. smile.gif
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