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Full Version: Qtopia 4.3, Angstrom And C1000
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I cross compile qtopia 4.3 for SL-C1000 and it works.
1. It's fast
2. Keyboard and touchscreen work
3. Sample application works

1. By default settings the device profile c3200 has wrong screen size (QWS_SIZE="240x320").
2. When I change QWS_SIZE="480x640", when it started, but I have black borders on the screen.
3. When I change it (QWS_SIZE="640x480", when it start, the qtopia desktop screen come with clock for 1 sec, and then it terminated with 3219 Segmentation Fault.
4. When I change "qtopia look", using the "widget manager", to the non-qtopia standard (3/4 option), when It started with QWS_SIZE="640x480" without black border.

Question, is qtopia 4.3 has pda-edition style ? i.e. to start one application you should navigate in many menus.

Thank you.

P.S: When somebody want to try it, I can post qtopia image (as attachment ~ 14Mb ???)
QUOTE(zensei @ Feb 8 2008, 10:53 AM) *
P.S: When somebody want to try it, I can post qtopia image (as attachment ~ 14Mb ???)

Some screenies would be great...

Sounds good ... keep us posted! smile.gif Great job!
The new beta Qtopia 4.3.1:
1. The qtopia work in 640x480 (landscape) mode.
2. Network (WLAN) work.
3. Keyboard/Touchscreen/Screen-keyboard work.

I cannot found how-to install new applications (QPK) to the qtopia 4.3.1. It has the package manager, but it can download packages from the internet only.

P.S: Does anybody know, How to make the screenshot?

Thank you.
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