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I am having a great deal of trouble setting up my dsl comp. the way I want it. I prefer to use the live cd for the o.s. My intent was to use the hd as the local storage media, but, for some reason the silly thing won't mount. I've done the cfdisk, the e2fsck, and the mke2fs, all of which give positive results, but the drive still won't mount. I keep getting an error message (Error: mount:relocation error: mount: undefined symbol: blkid_known_fstype).

Additionally, I want to use a 3.5 floppy for my removeable storage, but, even though I've used chmod (chmod 777 /mnt/floppy) and umask (umask 000), every time I try to save to the floppy, I am told that I don't have permission. The ls -l cmd says that it belongs to root. Do I need to change the ownership? If so, why? I don't have any profiles/groups set up on this comp. It is a stand-alone.

Plz help! I'm trying to use this thing to write my novel, and I've already lost three hours worth of work because, even though I was using emelfm in super-user, it still said that i had no right to move files to the floppy, tried to move them anyway, failed, and then corrupted the files.

Thx in advance...
it sounds as if you're formatting the whole drive and not the partition.

i.e. fdisk -> create partitions 1 to 4, set the partition type to linux, fat32LBA, swap etc

then "mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hda1" or "mkfs -t vfat /dev/hda2" or "mkswap /dev/hda3" (by way of example).

if you do "mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hda" you'll blast away your partition table and any file systems on the partitions.
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