Hi to everybody,

Im trying to setup my sl-c3200 with cacko but im having more troubles that can imagine... First of all the hdd problem that talk some people here in the forum, hdd 1 or 2 or 3 errors.. and see in the trisoft site (http://www.trisoft.de/en_c3200howto.htm) something about put a /hdd1/.sys files on the partitions.. but, surprised i have no sd cards!! In the System Info applet, in devices i have de SD/MMC Slot but just EMPTY.. no matter 1gb or 2gb sd card, so i cannot put any file into the hdd.. how get in there?.. i have no wireless working, no usb, nothing..

Take care about my linux knowledge its very limited, but i want to do something to get that files on the hdd (never know if can fix the problem with it).. or forget all that headache and return into OZ and Opie and forget about sound (its all the problem i have i want to put my z in the car as my audio system), use kopi, kapi and read books ...

Well, ill appreciate any tip, link, guide, how to or simple recomendation.

Thanks in advance