First,sorry for my bad english
I download initrd.bin, zImage.bin and for SL-C7x0 and SL-C860,When flashing the kernel,I received an error: THe SL-7500C mode isn't support sad.gif
Next i use the poky kernel 2.6.21,When i boot android from CF card,/start,At this line "modprobe binderdev",The error is binderdev can't insert,The return error number is 1. sad.gif
The Angstrom kernel 2.6.23 for SL-C7x0 mybe have some troubles,I boot from CF/SD,I received an error:The drivers isn't a visible loop drivers. sad.gif
In addition,I can't download the rootfs binder-angstrom.tar.gz,It has any different with android-root.tar.gz for C3x00 or C1000? NO rootfs for SL-7500C,which Is the best rootfs for SL-7500C unsure.gif
Somebody can help me? thanks! sad.gif