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Full Version: C1000 Cf As Internal Hardrive?
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Is the C1000 capable of this???
Besides the SL-C1000 lacking an internal hard drive (like the C3100 and C3200 have) it is also lacking the internal CF interface components.
If you do a search in the hardware mods section, you may find some pics of the "innards" of these models for comparison.
...ok dry.gif
I'll post some pics of the insides soon....
First pic shows C1000
Second pic shows C3000
EDIT: The second pic of the C3000 shows a modified model, where someone has already swapped a CF card for the microdrive
QUOTE(Jon_J @ Feb 16 2008, 10:40 AM) *
I'll post some pics of the insides soon....

o thats ok ive already opened my z (to switch casing with my c3000) and saw everything
I was >| |< this close to getting an 8gb (or 16gb) SDHC and a 8gb (or 4gb) CF ... only to find that the store was closed .... sad.gif ... bummer .... makes me remember why online stores are popular!

Next few days ... smile.gif
Just remember you won't be able to use any SDHC cards under Cacko... but my 16GB SDHC card works great in debian! biggrin.gif
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