I have written a script to convert BibTeX files to Bedic format so you can browse them on your Zaurus. Here is a screenshot:

For those who don't know what this is, BibTeX is an extension to the LaTeX text processing system for handling bibliographies. I am a researcher so I am always reading articles in journals, conferences, books, etc and I need to reference them in my documents. Like a lot of scientific researchers I use LaTeX.

In BibTeX, you give each document a citation key (the format used in your LaTeX document is totally different). For example, I might give the paper by Smith and Jones in 2006 the key "SmithJones2006". Most researchers recall important papers this way, or using their own mnemonic. In zbedic, you can enter the key and look up the BibTeX reference. (In the screenshot you can see I used to use the first few letters of the first author and a 2 digit year).

Additionally, when I read a paper I write a few notes about it. e.g. "Their method uses such-and-such assumption", or "Good result with MMM test data but very slow to process". My script can pick up those notes and add them to the bedic file.

Please let me know if you need some help with this one.