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Full Version: Ndis Install For C1000
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- I've poked around here on OESF and it appears the way to get the NDIS driver installed for a C1000 is to use the original Japanese CD that came with it. I obsessive-compulsively retain every single bit of material for every device I've ever purchased, but since I moved last year I no longer have the faintest of clues where my Z's box might be (wry grin), and that's where'd I'd put something I rarely use, like the install disc.

- I'd like to re-install because I got a new laptop last July, and I haven't had any connection to my Z since then. The old one took a very sudden, mortal turn for the worst, so I can't even try to pick files and configuration from it.

- I was wondering if anyone could avail me of the NDIS drivers for a C1000 from their install disc? Or a link to download an image? I don't really care for anything but the NDIS driver, so my existing samba setup will allow me access the full device again. But if I get more than the driver I'm happy with that, too.

- I tried installing the Collie drivers, which I do have; I seem to recall when I got Hiroshi and sold Cricket, I didn't change anything. The SL-5500 drivers and suchlike worked perfectly with the C1000, which is why I tried installing them. But alas, they not only fail, but they introduce a two minute delay in boot-up that does not go away by uninstalling the drivers ... only a full restore from backup before the initial install corrected that issue. (little boy pout)

- Thanks for your time!...
Google search and a few click gave me this link

haven't tried it, but It looks to be what you are looking for


- Thanks Stubear! Naturally it never occurs to me to check out Trisoft, font of much information and useful things Zaurus. (wry grin) I snagged this and I'll give it a go...
- Actually I didn't snag it; the web site says that object is blocked. Hints? Thanks!
It works for me. I'm downloading it in the background while I'm typing this. Maybe your firewall is preventing you from snagging it. huh.gif
QUOTE(HoloVector @ May 1 2008, 02:28 AM) *
It works for me.
- Funny. Now it works! Maybe you just had to "loosen it up" HoloVector. Thanks! (grin)...
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