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Full Version: Gimp On Cacko
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Hi all,

I've got Gimp running on X/QT in Cacko 1.23, and it starts up fine. Functionality is good, but performance is not. (this is an akita, with the default swap file enabled). When I try to draw anything freehand, I get maybe the first dot of piece of line and it lags out. I can't sketch anything, and there doesn't seem to be enough resources for the app to keep track of what I'm drawing.

This doesn't happen on Gimp under pdaXrom, so I know the machine should be able to handle this app..

Can anyone recommend any configurations with X/QT, swapfiles, etc. that would make this app run better?

Thank you,

quite frankly, i don't think that you can do much to make it run better. especially since you are trying to run it from X/QT. running X inside Qtopia needs a lot of resources and Gimp alone is quite a mouthful for an Akita. Try overclocking, that should help but it will eat up your battery fast. Or just don't use X/QT, use a plain X distro like PdaXrom or Angstrom.
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