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Full Version: Framebuffer Sdl
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Recently I thought I'd like to have sdl apps running directly on the framebuffer to save memory being used by qt.
I compiled latest libsdl using --enable-fbcon, compiled at test program with that lib, and launched it in console mode in my sharp rom. (console mode can be accessed by modifying /root/etc/rc.d/rc.rofilesys: on the last line, replace "$LAUNCH" by "a").

So, logged in as root, I tried to launch my test program, but get the following error:
"Couldn't set a 640x480 video mode: No video mode large enough for 640x480"

- is it a reasonable idea to have sdl in framebuffer?
- how to resolve the error?

Thanks for any help!
SDL apps don't play nicely with the Z's framebuffer. You're getting that error because the Zaurus' LCD is 480x640, just everything is rotated when you use it normally.

I guess there must be a hack-around to make it work, as there was an SDL package with psx4zaurus that worked normally in the framebuffer, but I don't know what it is or how well it works with other SDL apps.

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