I have a zaurus 5500 running OZ 3.5.4 / Opie 1.2.1, and I have an SMC 2642W wireless card. I am trying to get WPA to work on it. I have already gotten Kismet and Konqueror installed. Kismet works fine; Konq appears to work but I have yet to bring up an actual web page with it.

I have tried some wpa how-tos already but to no avail. I recently did a "ipkg remove -recursive *orinoco*" per a certain how-to, but I think that may have been a mistake since I no longer have a hermes.conf file.

Can anyone help me out with this? If I need to reinstall the orinoco stuff then I will need to know how to do that. If not, great, but I still need help getting wpa configured. I have the prism3-firmware_1.8.4-r0_all.ipk and prism3-support_1.0.0-r0_arm.ipk packages but have NOT installed them yet. Do I still need these?

Any help would be appreciated.