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Full Version: Unable To Upload Jffs2 Image
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I am totally lost ohmy.gif(

I have an SL4 SimPad with old opie 1.2 on it. hh bootloader installed but whenever I enter "load root" and do a ymodem upload it bails out from minicom 2.3 rc with:

boot> load root
partition root is a jffs2 partition:
expecting .jffs2 or wince_image.gz.
After receiving file, will automatically uncompress .gz images
loading flash region root
using ymodem
ready for YMODEM transfer...
download error. aborting. |

file is from 2007.12 images

in my desparate i even flashed / erased the root partition so now I am ended up with no bootable device at all (bootloader IS WORKING)

Bootloader identifies itself as

>> Compaq OHH BootLoader, Rev 2-21-13 [BIG_KERNEL] [MD5] [MONO]
>> 04-11-20_15:58
>> Last link date: Sat Nov 20 15:58:14 GMT 2004
>> Contact:

Cpu company: INTEL
Cpu Architecture: StrongArm
Cpu Part: SA1110
processor ID: 6901B118
>> © 2000-2001 Compaq Computer Corporation, provided with NO WARRANTY under the terms of the .
>> See for full license and sourcesPress Return to start the u

Settings on minicom are 115200 (n1 no flowcontrol at all
minicom is called as root to circumvent any acess right issues

ANYONE avail for any hint ?

I didnt find any way of updating to a newer hh bootloader and especially dunno if i need to do this at all ?

I believe this is the latest bootloader - you don't need to update it.

If you own a cf card you can try to copy it this should be the easiest way!

download error. aborting. |

What does minicom report in the center as information about the ymodem process?

best regards
mr nice
well it just shows a lot of (approx 6-8) "?" left of the ymodem box where it should show something useful.

Hope this helps you anything I am lost ohmy.gif)

best regards ET
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