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Full Version: Gut Transplant In A C1000
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I'm looking at the possibility of removing the zaurus mainboard and replacing it with a CM-iGLX C-O-M and a 40 GB ipod drive. I'm not sure what display the C series has, I'm hoping it's compatible. I could run standard linux distros and full KDE easily with this setup. I also need built-in ethernet, USB Host, RC232, and most of all mini-pci for a ubiquity XR9. Anyway, having never pulled apart a C-series before, what am I going to be looking at as far as connecting the keyboard? Is is on a separate PCB? Standard serial interface? I'm also assuming I have room for a 68 x 58 x 8 mm board in there, if not I'll have to build a new case. Does it sound possible or am I way far out?
I think you're looking at a major endeavour. Is the C1000 dead? Could you not put the C-O-M module into a thin box of the same x-section as the 1000, and stick it to the underside and link via some sort of CF module? Or even simply use the C1000 as a thin client for another pocketable device using bluetooth?
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