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Full Version: Malfunctioning Touch Screen
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Do you know of anyway/anywhere that a new SL-6000 screen/touchscrren/backlight unit can be purchased? I've read that the e800 from toshiba has a very similar unit and may even be the same unit.
I've read a few claims that such is the case: (these guys claimed the size and the cable locations were the same)
or if you know of any genuine source for this part, please let me know.
I actually got pretty desperate so I tried ordering the LCD for e800. I hope it works. It has a very similar part number: ls040v7dd02 (SL-6000 is ls040v7dd01)
I'm hoping that the only difference is between who uses it in the end (toshiba vs sharp)
on my website there's a close-up of the tosa's LCD part numbering, hope that helps, not sure if it shows enough of the LCD cable to indicate what you want?
Hi ryuheixys,
QUOTE(ryuheixys @ Apr 5 2008, 01:39 AM) *
... you know of any genuine source for this part, please let me know.

sure, no problem.
Source is Sharp spare parts center.
Part number is VVLS040V7DD01 for the complete display unit (backlight,
display, touchscreen).
Only the unit is available, you can't get f.e. only the touchscreen part.
Price is about 270 EUR plus VAT.

Crossing fingers, that the part you ordered will work.


Marc Stephan
I just remembered, I found that Hero Electronics in the UK could in theory source the part, but they estimated a price and it was far more than the Z 6000 was worth. I also recall now that Guylhem had a spare display, might be worth trying to contact him.
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