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Full Version: Midnight Commander Install On Old Cacko-lite [solved]
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This is a long post, if you need (libglib_1.2.0_arm.ipk) to satisfy MC in cacko, look at end of this post.
I've had Cacko-lite 1.23 installed on this C3100 for a long time with no reflashing. I think about 2 years.
I've installed/un-installed tons of stuff onto it in that time period.
Today, I decided to install midnight commander (mc_4.6.0-lite-1_arm.ipk)
I decided on this version because it comes from the cacko feed and is for the "lite" version of cacko.
It sent me down the dependency road to @#@#
It complained about a missing
This file was really difficult to find. This is what I did.
First, I decided to use (libglib2.0_2.2.1-1_arm.ipk), since it is the only libglib in any of the cacko feeds that I tried.
It didn't work at first, so I made a symlink from /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/ --> /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/
Midnight commander launched! I thought I fixed it after only 15 minutes. smile.gif
Then I restarted Qtopia, to test and see if this actually fixed my problem. It didn't. sad.gif
What happened during the Qtopia restart was, another symlink was created, and it was named this:
I still had my original symlink, but MC started complaining about being missing.
Next, I decided to delete both above mentioned symlinks and un-installed (libglib2.0_2.2.1-1_arm.ipk)
I went searching for libglib 1.2 and found 4 versions of (libglib 1.2.0), after about an hour of searching.
Actually there are 3 different filenames. and 2 versions of the same filename.
(libglib1.2_1.2.10-1_arm.ipk and libglib1.2_1.2.10-2_arm.ipk) and 2 with same filename. (libglib_1.2.0_arm.ipk)
I found 2 versions from the year 2001. I decided NOT to use those.
I found 2 other versions from 2003 and 2004.
The filenames are identical, but the one from 2003 is 176k, and the one from 2004 is 61k
I decided to try the newest one first, since it is also smaller in filesize. It wanted to install to /lib
WAIT! that's the RO filesystem! I got an error in the GUI pkg installer before I figured this out. So I un-installed this version.
Next, I installed the version from 2003 (176k). It installed to: /home/root/usr/lib

This is the one that works!! smile.gif I restarted Qtopia and launched MC with no problems.. smile.gif
I'm not sure if actually comes pre-installed in cacko full or lite, but I may attribute my missing lib from a long ago installation/un-installation of XQT. Google pointed me to the XQT thread.
If anyone needs this lib, I'm going to attach it here.
Be certain you don't already have this pre-installed.
Look below at the files, as this one installs to:
What is with this libglib thing ??
Doing the above disabled Netfront!

Netfront: Error "You cannot execute Netfront v3.1 on models other that SL-C3000"

Click [OK] and Netfront exits!
I had this happen a long time ago and I'll need to search for the thread I posted about it.
I found it:

"Odd Netfront V3.1 Error Message?, It won't let me use it now, need a C3000";hl=netfront

I un-installed Netfront, rebooted, and re-installed Netfront.
It's working again. smile.gif whew! (This is what I needed to do in the linked thread above also)
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