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Full Version: Help For Newbies And Old Forum Links That Give 404
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Update: May 12, 2008 - This has been fixed, see post #6 (no longer need to do below url editing)

Whenever clicking an older link to this forum, you must remember to "edit" the url and remove the 's' from the word "forums"

A while back, I think December of '06', this forum moved to a new host.
Forum links on this site and forum links from other referring sites, that were made before this move, have an 's' after the word forum in the url

Maybe this should be pinned so new users can figure out why hundreds of older forum links don't work.

good idea! pinned.
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Apr 7 2008, 12:41 PM) *
good idea! pinned.

Does an administrator have enough privileges to change the links in the posts site-wide? A little sed? Or would that go against forum etiquette?
you'd have hoped so, wouldn't you sad.gif
or even better, just add a redirect to the server config...

I would've done a server-side thing, but I don't think we have access to that. I just did a quick PHP script that redirects you to the 'forum' section.

Can someone test and confirm?
Seems to work perfectly for me. Thanks dz!
Works for me also. smile.gif I updated my original post.

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