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Full Version: Touchscreen Is Out Of Control
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Hi there!

I've got some trouble with both of my SimPADs. They seem to have both worn out capacitors which are used by the touch screen if I'm informed correctly!?

The only thing is: Where are the capacitors? On the mainboard, there are 2 *big* capacitors on the lower right site. Are they number 15 on picture ???

Well, maybe I'm totally wrong, so I will describe the actual problem: I've got WinCE installed on the first, some kind of Linux on the other SimPAD. On both I get the following symptoms: If I recalibrate using the built in software on the WinCE one, everything is "almost" fine. After a few seconds/moments, the touchscreen gets some kind of uncalibrated. Only the center part of the screen works fine (maybe 50x50 pixels or something like that), but all other parts of the screen have some offset which gets bigger by the distance from the center...

Did anyone else have got such a problem? Can I get the SimPADs back to normal life if I replace the capacitors?


Ive the exactly same proplem, with my t-sinus pad, and ive just read another post "problem with touch Screen and the answer of this problem was
"Most likely your touchscreen's cable has come loose. Opening up your Simpad and reconnecting the cable should fix the issue" so maybe this is one thing we´ve to look for
okay, the problem is NOT away, i am shure, that is is corectly conectet, and I give it up. perhaps someone tried to break it in two peaces? Whatever, does someone know were i can get another touchscreen? (the whole screen or just the sensitiv part)
Hi, a lot of SIMpads have this problem!
You can try to clean the connector of the touchpad. Unfortunately I don't know where are the capaciators located. But it would be very cool to have a repair howto smile.gif. If you find out more please provide us with information so that we will be able to write a howto.

best regards

btw: Cheapest way to get a new touchscreen is to buy a cl4 or wp50.
clean the connector? which conector du u mean? just the point, were the cable goes on the Mainboard?
And: it doesn´t realy matters which (of those 2) capaciators is broken, just take another one, and it works or doesn´t. Or Not? Is the board of the Pad a "multilayer" board? (I don´t know the correkt english word but i hope you know what i mean)
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