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Full Version: C-1000 + Leather Case + Wifi Card
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I have a C-1000, leather case and a WiFi card for it. As I have always used it with an SD and CF card, I've lost the original port covers. I have a compatible UK charger/power supply.

The battery for this has died and no longer holds a charge and I've seen this as a sign that it's time to move on, as I've barely used it in the last six months.

I'd rather not just bin it, as it still works perfectly fine when on mains power, and I don't see any reason to sell it without a working battery.

I wondered if anyone from the Zaurus development community could give it a good home?

I live in London UK, so if you're in the city, I can easily arrange to meet you somewhere central and just hand it to you. Otherwise, if you're willing to pay packaging and postage, I'll send it to you.

Let me know if anyone is interested,

Hey omro, I'll take it off your hands. Although I live in Canada, I'll pay for shipping it over here.


might be worth checking with the angstrom and pdaXrom people to see if they can nominate an active developer?
I don't know how many developers there are out there that are interested, have the skills/time, and aren't already involved in Angstrom/OE/etc.
It's a very generous offer, and like no doubt many others, I'd willingly give it a new home (UK), but in the interests of fairness I should point out firstly that new batteries are not very costly and secondly that with a new battery, you'd get a worthwhile price on eBay! But if you're still feeling philanthropic, and don't get any more deserving applicants (developers etc), let me know.
Mark (mfbrownATdoctorsDOTorgDOTuk)
Thank you everyone for your responses. Sorry that mine have been so limited, I've been out of the country for a while and haven't been paying attention to anything beyond work.

I'm pleased to say that my Zaurus will soon be off to a new home.

I'll be sad to see it go, but it's time to move on.

Now if only Archos would release a device with a sliding keyboard and some light weight apps, I'd be a happy happy bunny!
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