Dear all,
the Acer n30 is a robust and nice standard PDA. It was discontinued in 2006 but is still up-to date compared e.g. to a Palm Z22.

Now after some projects have ended, we have remaining a limited number (less than 20) of originally packed and unused Acer n30 devices and want to clear that. They come with German Windows Mobile 2003 version but that can be updated and/or replaced by Linux.

The interesting thing is that these devices have the same processor as the Openmoko GTA01. And the machine architecture is supported by Angstrom / OE so that you can easily install Linux, X11, GPE, Openmoko etc. on this device. I.e. it is nice device where it is really possible to play with.

We sell at a stock clearing price of just 99 EUR and can ship to many countries in the EU and some outside (where you will even save 19% VAT). Payment can be by Credit Card or IBAN bank transfer.

So if you want to make a bargain buy, you can find more information and order through:

your Handheld-Linux Team