I want to see if using my usb mouse will make writing easier. I'm using my Z for everything now, office and home. But I am in the midst of writing a bunch of stuf, and I think the mouse will make things a bit easier.

I used to have it working, although I have to hold it sideways because it thinks right-left is up-down. I'll deal with that. But now I can't get it running at all. ISTR blacklisting mousedev to cut down jitter with the touchscreen, but manually adding it does not help. The mouse is just not recognized.

I have a 3100, using debian eabi, started with titchy but am using youngen's 2.6.23 kernrl (I believe -- that was a while back). Usb works fine for flash drives, and like I said it used to work with the mouse, but no longer.

Any hints appreciated.