Hi to all, I have got a zaurus c3200, I have installed the pdaxii13 rom version 5.4.9 base (Sally) All is ok. The loading of the applications is very fast (for example abiword).
I'd like to install the pdaxii13 full version with hdimage-full.tgz but the links of documentation are down sad.gif My steps are:

1. copy into sd card the file hdimage-full.tgz;

2. reboot zaurus 3200 and press on+ok button;

3. from the installation menu -> install hdimage

4. after the installation I have two /dev/hda1, "root" and "fakeroot" is normal?

5. reboot and the system has not errors, but the he loading of the applications is very slow (for example abiword)

Can you help me? sad.gif

ps Is it possible upgrade from base to full without to use hdimage-full.tgz? for example installing the packages individually?