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Full Version: Altboot Poodle
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I have a 5600 zaurus and I am loading OZ 3.5.4 on it (2.4 kernel). It seems to work nicely, but internal flash is low. I would like to move root to SD card. I have looked for altboot.ipk and altboot-conf.ipk in OZ feeds but can not find them. Are they still around?

I also tried Henteges altboot.tar.gz but couldn't quite understand the instructions. My Z keeps crying about 2.6 kernel found while looking for 2.4.
I am not an expert in this stuff but I do know that binaries compiled for one kernel are not likely to work on another kernel because of dependencies. Have you checked the feeds at It isn't clear which ROM and kernel you actually have on board now. Also, kernel 2.4 IIRC is not a specific kernel. It needs another couple digits. For example, my sl5500 is based on kernel 2.4.6 and I think 3.1x ROMs are based on 2.4.18 ROMs. I think you need something specific for sl5600 hardware. Have you searched here and tyrannozaurus for posts by other sl5600 users to be sure of what your choices are?

Thanks for getting back to me. uname -a shows 2.4.18. I installed the 250pxa kernel from I did find altboot.conf, it was buried a little in / I can now boot from sd card! Cool!

I was using the sharp rom for a couple of years but it's a little limited as to what you can do. I mainly used it because it synced easily with Outlook. But now I am using Linux desktop so I am not tied down.

Is the 3.5.4 oz pretty stable? It seems ok so far. Now to get WPA working. I'm having a little trouble finding info for poodle, so I'll probably be back. Cheers.
QUOTE(msjones @ May 4 2008, 06:02 PM) *
Is the 3.5.4 oz pretty stable? It seems ok so far.

Openzaurus is obsoleted by Angstrom, so you should switch to Angstrom. Poodle is supported and actively maintained. Angstrom uses the 2.6 kernel and is easy to use with altboot. There even are ready-built poodle images for use with altboot available.
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