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Full Version: Any Successes With Gaim On X/qt?
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After a long stint away from Cacko on my C1000, I have finally decided to return. The one thing I have never been able to get working in Meanie's X/Qt setup is Gaim. Has anyone had any successes with it? My latest attempt was to copy over my Gaim .xml's from another machine to avoid it crashing when I try to add a new account. Now it is telling me that it failed to get SSL handshake. If I have ssh packages installed on my Z, what step, if any, am I missing?
I don't know about X/qt gaim (I haven't gotten to that yet), but if you are running X/qt on top of Cacko 1.23, then try this feed:
download qpe-gaim and all dependencies (gconv-tiny, libgaim, libgaim-protocols, libgaim-ssl, libglib2, libopie1, qpe-gaim-unicode, libgnutls7, I think that's all).
Works fine on the C1000 using MSN. Idon't have contacts to try other protocols, but I presume they work.
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I have tried that route. Installing gaim in Qtopia causes conflicts with the gaim running off the pdaXqtrom-apps cramfs file. So ipkg returns a bunch of extract errors and qpe-gaim won't run (it compains about missing x-11 libraries). After that, if I then try to launch gaim in X/Qt, it won't run either.
I'd much rather, if possible, figure out the cause of the SSL handshake problems in X/Qt. I do appreciate the reply though. smile.gif
If you don't get the SSL handshake problem ironed out, it may be worth trying the packages I mentioned above, but in Meanies feed. The version numbers are slightly different. Since Meanie is behind the X/qt package, maybe they will not cause the incompatibility problem. (Unless your aim is to use ONLY X/qt.)
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