Hi there

I'm really battling to down load the most recent Zaurus SL-550 ext2 files from the Hentges site... sad.gif

...that is:
hentges-bootstrap-collie_1.0.0-wip-20061108.rootfs.ext2.gz ...08-Nov-2006 04:27 4.8M

hentges-gpe-image-collie_1.0.0-wip-20061108.rootfs.ext2.gz ...08-Nov-2006 04:27 11M

hentges-opie-image-collie_1.0.0-wip-20061108.rootfs.ext2.gz ...08-Nov-2006 04:27 9.2M

The first couple of megs (of each file) download smoothly then the connection goes crazy with download rate and amount being downloaded being completely misrepresented. At one stage it showed 120MB! Is there something wrong, I am doing something wrong.

Download from cardfs directory was fine!

I'd be grateful if someone could explain what the problem might be.