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Full Version: Snes9x Keymapping
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i want to know if theres an option / way to remapped the key in my zaurus sl-c3100
i dont now any command lines (played the game using a compiled package, click click click)

can someone help me biggrin.gif

a+z+d = L + R + A in snes biggrin.gif

EDIT: Did it using emulator in XP

for those ultra noob like me who doesnt know what to do... <- download explorer for zaurus (any kind will do, i think?)

in /home/zaurus/.snes96_snapshots (copy File_Name_of_Chrono_Trigger.srm)

put the file in your XP (mine is in snes9x-1.51-win32\Saves)... load your chrono trigger rom in snes9x for windows... do the L + R + A trick... save (dont use save state)... copy the File_Name_of_Chrono_Trigger.srm in your snes9x folder (in windows XP) and put it back in /home/zaurus/.snes96_snapshots after that your done...

(stupid me for wasting efforts sleep.gif)
If you use snes---***---turbo smile.gif
add the following line to the file:
export S9KEYS=27,100,99,115,120,97,122,13,32,103,106,117,110,121,98,105,109

after export SDL_QT_INVERTROTATION=1 line

It changes the "A" key on your Zaurus keyboard to both the "L" and "R".
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