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Full Version: Forum changes - limited guest access
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So I finally got ticked off enough to change the access to the forums. Guests are now only allowed to post in the following forums:

Guest Forums (at the top)
-> General Guest Discussion
-> Newbie Issues

Everything Else (at the bottom)
-> Site Suggestions, Feedback, and Updates
-> Request a ZUG forum
-> Off topic forum

This serves multiple purposes... if you are registered and for some reason logged out (via the board bug) you will be prompted to log in to the restricted forums.

This will also put accountability to people's posts. Even if we are all using "anonymous" nicknames, it's nice to know who's posting what.

This is NOT a form of censorship. Feel free to continue to post your thoughts and feelings in the forum. Just be mindful of the fact that you might be offending others with poorly chosen words. In other words, keep the debates lively but respectful.

We all have opinions, I'm just tired of people "hiding" as guest and posting crap. The guest that started the last bashing session actually posted a total of 41 posts from that IP address. That seems odd to me.

If you want to have a voice in the other forums, just register. It's easy, free, and you will NEVER receive spam from the ZUG.

Please don't pick up the bashing thread in this topic...


offroadgeek (aka Michael)
I realize I'm new to this board, but this seems to me to be a good change. Often it seems that people use too much anonymity as an excuse to act irresponsibly. I've participated on boards that allow completely free reign and some that are somewhat more controlled, and in my experience the onces that have a degree of control have been longer-lasting and much more useful to the community they serve.

I doubt anyone really cares, but that's my opinion. smile.gif
I just noticed this:

Unregistered guests may post freely in this forum. Bashing, flamebate, etc. will result in your IP being banned, and post deleted without warning.

The title of the forum: should flamebate, actually be flamebait (as in fishing bait)? or is it supposed to be a double play on other words which end in -bate.

corrected... thanks Si!
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