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Full Version: 3200 Great Condition For Sale
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i have a zaurus sl-c3200 flashed with cacko. its in great condition and comes with all original parts and packaging except the leather case. I also have a planex wifi card, 1 gig cf card, and an external battery pack. im asking 400 plus shipping, but if that price does not accurately reflect the value of the product i would be more than willing to negotiate.

photo link :

the photos are uploading right now so they may not be up at the time of posting. the pictures are abit shakey. my camera does not fair well with CF bulbs, hence the yellow hue. i will take some pictures outside and post them to flicker as well. sorry about the baby photos.

thank you,

Matthew Mongan
Not sold yet.
i`m very interested. but price is so high. if you thought to negociate, mail to me. whisha at gmail dot com
i`m waiting for your positive reply. thx
300 USD + shipping.
Hey is this item still available? Would you be wiling to ship to the UK with this item, I perfectly understand if thats to much difficultly on your part. You can probably PM me here or add to the thread, but i will definatlely repsond to an email to either
indiestory<at> or jones<at>

Still offered?
QUOTE(scottlfa @ Nov 28 2008, 10:47 AM) *
Still offered?

yes. for some reason i have not been getting email updates from the forum. Hence the lack of responses.
Hi please send me pm? I may need it.
QUOTE(Hary @ Dec 22 2008, 08:17 PM) *
Hi please send me pm? I may need it.

Hi harry, i got your pm and i responded but the message did not appear in my sent items folder. feel free to email me at
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