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Full Version: Vga "standard" Games?
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I've been searching the forums (probably did not type in the correct search parameters) and not found VGA optimized versions of qpe-patience. Is there such a thing? It's not terribly important since the 1.5 version ipk actually works fine. It just does not "look pretty" with magified screen on C1000. Without magnified screen, it is tiny.

I have a feeling that someone has already done this. I just haven't been able to find the VGA ipk.
Found a few other VGA games already compiled here:
There's always Aleph One. The latest (as of a while back) version is in my feed, and may work on Cacko. You can get the data packages here:

You may need to do a:

ln -s /usr/bin/alephone /usr/local/bin/alephone

for the scripts in those data packages to work (the scripts are called "alephone-GAME," eg "alephone-m1a1")

Freeciv also is quite nice. The version in my feed should work OK without X/QT (as should Aleph One), but the lack of right clicking may make it unplayable on cacko (unless you have a mouse that works). No idea if it will run on Cacko.

Battle for Wesnoth is another game that works VGA-style natively. I may try to get the latest version of that built. It ought to work fine natively under Cacko as well (especially if built under beta1). Right clicking thing may still apply.

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