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Full Version: Can I Really Use Psp Adapter To Zaurus?
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the output of my old adapter is 5V 1A but the PSP is 5V 2A.

A little bit more if yes can i use the 5V 0.75A adaptor?
Yes, the PSP adapter works fine.

I don't know about the 0.75A adapter, though.
The amp rating shouldn't matter, *if the adaptor is regulated*. I've even used 100mA adapters successfully.

Don't use an unregulated supply - they can put out higher voltages than they are rated at if they are lightly loaded, and your Z will be toasted.
QUOTE(pelrun @ Jun 13 2008, 08:51 AM) *
The amp rating shouldn't matter, *if the adaptor is regulated*. I've even used 100mA adapters successfully.

They matter. For example SL-C3200 may drain more than 800mA. Depending on overcurrent protection of your power supply, 100mA supply drops its voltage a bit, stops voltage completely for a moment, stops a voltage completely until power cycle or burns the fuse. In first two cases, you get power oscilations, and your Z will be permanently switching between battery and power supply.

750mA may be sufficient most of the time. Using oscilloscope, you can easily detect these oscillations. Voltmeter shows voltage drop or very unstable value.
I use a PSP USB Adapter every day. One end has USB, the other a Mini USB and a power plug. Works fine. Dont know about the Mains adapter though.
I've used a Pelican A/C adapter made for the PSP for years with my Zaurus. It is rated 5 volts 2 amps just like the adapter that shipped (from Sharp) with my 6000. I also have a battery pack that I (bought the parts at Radio Shack) made with nothing more than a 4 AA battery box with a short cord with appropriate end to plug into the Z. I used to check the voltage every time I recharged the batteries, but it was NEVER over 5 volts. I only use NiMH rechargeables as they only charge up to 1.2 volts making for an acceptable 4.8 volts on a fresh recharge. Not that convenient to have to remove them to recharge them, but was dirt cheap to make and works great. Another tip is to get Sanyo Eneloop batteries as they will hold a charge sitting in a drawer for close to a year.
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