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Full Version: Sold: Sl6000l
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External: Screen, DEAD, one day it jsut went out. Scratches, all around, and the protective screen is scractched up (big surprise). Also the headphone jack is half borked (you need to wiggle the 2.5mm plug around to get stereo)

Internal: AC plug, the internal ac adapter thingy borked on it, the serial still works, I plugged a usb charger to the serial and the power LED went on (circa 10 minutes ago). And the Battery is pretty much dead. It over heated a while ago, so the gases made it huge, used a needle to poke a hole in it to expell the extra gases....

It last had sharprom 1.12 on it (the last time I messed with it since today was over 6 months ago) but I kind of butchered that up, moved crap to SD and such... so you'd need to reflash it to use it.

What it comes with?
SL6000l, docking station, AC charger, USB sync/charger thing, replacement AC part for the unit (the 5500 docking station had the same part as the 6000 needed, so you need to desodder the docking station and resodder it to the zaurus). a 2gb cf card (on which I can put all my zaurus software, ~200mb).

Price: Make an offer... I have no idea what this is worth, I'm hoping someone can use it for parts or something. But it was used daily for about 4 years (3 of those months it was a primary computer used ALOT)... so it's not fresh.

I was thinking about using my other 6000 to make a nand backup for it that had vnc/ssh start on boot and it would automatically connect to an access point, then I could stick it some place and have a little shell. Perhaps someone could use it for something more productive?
I will take it if it is still available!

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