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Full Version: Gumstix
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Didn't find this here yet, but I didn't really search, so forgive me if this is a repeat post. At best, this might renew some interest.

It's got everything we would need at a reasonable price AFAIK ; not much documentation however. If anyone has done this already, maybe some links/notes/screenshots could be posted?

I haven't really seen any screenshots of Xorg running yet, but it's supposedly in one of the available ROM images. with matchbox/kdrive

EDIT: gumstix was mentioned way back here over two years ago along with the coLibri module which has been upgraded now to the pxa320 @ 806MHz, but doesn't come with OpenEmbedded.

The main thing that's stopping me from buying gumstix I guess is a general distaste for xscale compared to x86... (thinking mini-ITX, 'cause I still haven't gotten one yet)

EDIT2: mini-ITX is too big. (saving to buy a robostix combo)
I was vaguely thinking that a mintyboost could be hacked to power the gumstix, and a large altoids or camel cigarette tin could be used as a starter case for the complete mobile setup.

At a glance, all that would need to be done is change the usb port to a 4mm coaxial, or buy the $10 converter. I've been kinda busy, so finding the parts on hasn't really panned out just yet.
another thing that concerns me about gumstix is that no one seems to comment on it, and the OS is built via OpenEmbedded. This is the Open Embedded Software Foundation forum right? I would think (semi) open hardware would draw a lot of attention, maybe enough to have its own thread?
QUOTE(radiochickenwax @ Jun 22 2008, 02:22 AM) *
- This does look familiar, but it's still freaky. 600Mhz XScale w/ 128MB Ram on a board the size of a stick of gum. Outrageous!
- I find it interesting that is uses the OE build and so little relating to it here as well...
QUOTE(Ragnorok @ Jun 29 2008, 11:34 PM) *
600Mhz XScale w/ 128MB Ram on a board the size of a stick of gum.

...and they sell a 4.3" touch-screen (bigger than the SL6000) for $80! Yep, I've gotta get me one of these. It'd be nice to hook it up to the zaurus for a mobile cluster if nothing else.
Hell, I'm intrested. If you do get this, take some close-up pictures and send them my way. I'd love to help design an integrated case with the touchscreen. We could probably find a OTS battery to fit behind the screen, next to the gumsitx. I think it would be really cool to compile a list of components to assemble your own PDA, and I imagine that alot of members here would be intrested.
- I'm interesting in a much better LCD than the one gumstix has on their site. That's pretty low-res.
- I have an old Psion 5 that I'd like to try to cram one of these into. I've always loved the keyboard on that thing.
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