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Full Version: Fast Kernel Packages.
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I would really like to try out the fast kernel on my Sharp ROM. I've got the zImage, conslscroll and, directly from Testu's site, but I can't get the other componentes referenced in the wiki, since is down. I have the kernel modules from Tetsu's site (it's an .ipkg format, but it directs to /lib/modules, so that should be fine.) but I don't have the updated keyboard definitions.

Does anyone have the keyboard definitions: holdkey.tbl, keycode.tbl and keysymbols.tbl?
I'm not really sure if you want Guylhems stuff, as it is incomplete. His ROM image although nice, has a few show-stopping problems, most notably circular simlinks that never got fixed. (He was attempting to fix the odd file structure of the default Sharp ROM.) His fast kernel also has a few problems, like the power button not working, and I think it also had some keyboard issues.

His work was never completed because of a near fatal car wreck that put him in the hospital for quite a while, as well as ruining his 6000.
I use an optimized kernel that comes from this website :

It is not Tetsu kernel, but integrates many of Tetsu's patch, along with others.
Thanks. I checked it out, but that site only has kernels labeld for the clamshell models. Can I use on of them on my SL-6000?
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